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Serving Charleston, SC

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7 Signs Your Heater Needs Expert Help


The weather is getting colder which means that you need your heater to be on its game. However, if you are already noticing problems with this system then we would suggest jumping into action. Any need for heating repair in Moncks Corner, SC should be addressed as quickly as possible because the issue will only get worse otherwise.

How exactly can you be sure that you need a system repair though? Check out these warning signs to watch for and feel free to talk to our professional technicians to figure out if you do, in fact, have a heater that is in trouble.

7 Warning Signs To Check For

Having trouble with your heater? Watch for these indicators that your system needs repairs.

  1. Poor heating: The most obvious warning sign of a problem within your heater is an inability to produce heat. I hear that can’t do its primary job is one that needs help if not the complete replacement.
  2. Reduced airflow: Have you noticed that the flow of air from your heating system is weaker than usual? If so it may mean that there is a problem within your ductwork, a problem with your blower fan, or some other issue hindering the airflow through the heater. 
  3. High energy bills: Another warning sign of trouble is when your energy bill starts to increase without a reason. If the use of your system hasn’t changed but your monthly electricity bills are going up then there is something hindering the efficiency of your system. 
  4. Concerning sounds: Has your heater gotten noisier lately? The development of new noises such as rattling, banging, hissing, screeching, and other sounds should be cause for concern. New noises are often indicators of a heater in need of repair. 
  5. Odd smells: When you run your heating system you have begun to notice that the house starts to smell. Maybe it smells like dirty socks or burning electrical parts. In either of these cases, it means that you need to schedule a heating repair ASAP. On the other hand, if you notice the smell of sulfur it may mean you have a gas leak. If this is the case shut your system off, call your local emergency services to check things out, and then schedule a repair as quickly as possible. This can be a serious safety hazard!
  6. Short cycling or nonstop running: Has your heater been exhibiting strange cycling patterns lately? Short cycling refers to when a heater turns on and only runs a few brief minutes before shutting back down. On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe your heater never shuts off until you force it to! In either of these cases, there is a problem within your system that requires professional repair.
  7. Unresponsiveness: Lastly, don’t delay getting your system repaired if you’ve been battling with a heater that seems like it wants to ignore you more often than not. An unresponsive heater either needs major repairs or replacement.

Contact Holy City Heating & Air for your next heating system repair. We provide solutions for every season.

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