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Serving Charleston, SC

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The Importance of a Properly Sized Commercial AC

It has gotten pretty warm in Charleston which means that having a space you can keep reliably cool is even more vital. If your commercial space is uncomfortably hot, it can ruin concentration and workflow, increase irritation, and even drive customers away. It is easy to see how a reliable air conditioner can have a big impact on your business this summer.

Maybe you need to get a new air conditioner in your storefront, office space, restaurant, or other commercial facilities. If this is the case, the sooner you get this done the better. And we want to remind you that, as with everything to do with your commercial HVAC in Charleston, SC, it is best to work with a professional team like ours to make sure your bases are covered.

The Sizing of Your Commercial AC Is Important

When it comes to selecting a new air conditioner for your commercial space it is important to make sure that this system is the correct size. When we are talking about sizing we aren’t actually talking about the square footage that you’re physical unit will take up (although you will need to make sure you aren’t getting a physical unit that is too big for your space). Sizing actually refers to the amount of space that your system will be able to cool. This is usually measured in tonnage.

To give you an example, an air conditioner that is sized for a building of around 1,500 square feet is going to be sized at 2.5 tons. Being appropriately sized gives an air conditioner the power to cool that space effectively and efficiently without short cycling or encountering an early breakdown.

Sizing Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Sizing an air conditioner is no small feat. It takes the appropriate training and tools to be done right which is something that the technicians on our team are able to provide.

Here’s how one of our technicians may size your AC unit:

The technician will take into account every aspect of the space that needs to be cooled including square footage, number of rooms, number of windows and doors, etc.

The technician will calculate the amount of power that the AC will need to effectively cool your space.

From there, your technician will work with you to select an appropriate AC and properly install and size the unit to make sure it isn’t oversized or undersized.

The Impact of Improper Sizing

maybe you are wondering if an oversized AC wouldn’t be so bad. Contrary to what you might think, an oversized unit won’t cool your space more quickly. In contrast, an undersized unit won’t use less power. In both cases, improper sizing leads to discomfort, higher energy bills, and shortened system lifespan.

If you are working to get your commercial space outfitted with an appropriately sized air conditoner, make sure to work with professionals like ours to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

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