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Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Charleston, SC

Clogged drains are a pain to deal with. Sometimes it is a simple matter to solve. But in other cases, you may find yourself having lost hours and tons of energy trying to get things clear. There is an easier way to handle these situations. Leave the chemical drain cleaners on the shelf and reach out to a professional team like ours for drain cleaning or sewer cleaning. These are solutions for your clogged drain troubles that will actually work.

We’ve served residents in Charleston, SC since 2015 and that means we’ve seen our fair share of clogged drains and sewers, and we know how best to clear those clogs. You can trust our team members to identify the source of the issue and provide timely and effective solutions.

Contact Holy City Heating & Air to get your drains clear. We provide solutions for every season. 


Drain Cleaning

From the drain in your shower to the drain in your kitchen sink, the pipes that handle wastewater around the average American home see a lot of us. They are highly important to our daily lives and our ability to keep our homes sanitary. That is why, when a drain backs up or even starts to slow down it is easy to see that the problem needs to be taken care of sooner than later. 

Our team can help keep things flowing down your drains so you can ditch the harsh chemical "cleaners." The approaches we use for drain cleanings such as drain augers and hydro jets take care of the clogs themselves and can even prevent them from coming back for years to come. 

Clogged Drain

What causes a clogged kitchen sink drain or a clogged toilet? There are, of course, multiple potential factors that can back up a drain, including kids shoving toys and other items where they don’t belong. Some of the more common clog creators include:

  • Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G) and other food waste

  • Hair 

  • Soap scum

  • Collected toilet paper or other paper products

Clogged drains rarely happen out of the blue though. They usually build up for a while before completely stopping a drain. Be on the alert for warning signs that you will have a clog on your hands soon. These warning signs can include gurgling or sucking noises, slowed drains, or small temporary clogs. When you start having trouble with the drains in your home, reach out to Holy City Heating & Air to get things back in working order. 

Sewer Cleaning

Have you noticed more than one blocked drain in your home? blocked drains that occur together and smell less than Pleasant are just bad luck. They’re usually a sign that something is up with your sewer line. This can be bad news since the average homeowner in Charleston, SC does not have the ability to access their sewer line on their own. But our team can help.

 We know how to handle sewer drain cleaning properly. Using effective solutions such as hydro-jetting, we will clear the build-up in your sewer line quickly and effectively. Come to the team you can trust to solve the problem the first time around. 

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