Slab Leak Detection And Repair In Charleston, SC

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Slab Leak Detection and Repair
in Charleston, SC

Slab leaks are never something that any homeowner wants to hear they have. These aren’t any special types of leaks. Rather the problem is with where that leak is. Slab leaks are somewhere that you really don’t want them to be: under the foundation of your home. This allows them to have the potential to create more damage to your home especially because they can be especially hard to detect.

When it comes to dealing with slab leaks, the sooner they are found and repaired the better. Turning to a professional to get this done is going to help you greatly. The team at Holy City Heating and Air, LLC provides the services you need to deal with your slab leak. This includes slab leak detection and slab leak repair.

We provide solutions for every season. Seal your slab leak today. Contact us to get started.
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Slab Leak Detection

When it comes to an underground water leak like a slab leak, the sooner they are found the better. If you are able to detect a slab leak early on it allows you the ability to get it repaired before it can do major damage to your home. This is good news, especially because a slab leak has the potential to create problems within the foundation of your home, which can lead to incredibly expensive and extensive repair needs. Warning signs of a possible slab leak include:

Our team provides slab leak detection throughout Charleston, SC. We want you to reach out to us to schedule this service as soon as you have any feeling that you have a slab leak on your hands. Don’t delay! Schedule your slab leak detection with our team today, before the issue gets worse.

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Slab Leak Repair

We can provide slab leak repair for anyone in Charleston, SC, or the surrounding areas who are dealing with an underground leak on their property. We aren’t looking to come to your home and rip out all the floors. We will use slab leak detection to pinpoint if you have a slab leak and where it is. From there we will provide an effective repair to get that leak taken care of.

The team of professionals at Holy City Heating and Air, LLC has served residents throughout this area for years. We are known for providing quality services that help your home function the way it should. Never leave an issue as serious as a slab leak in the hands of an amateur. Come to us for the work you need.

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