Your Air Quality, Your AC, And You

Your Air Quality, Your AC, And You

Keeping your home comfortable in South Carolina is going to be an important task. To do this, you will need to take every factor into account, from the quality of your AC unit to the quality of the air being cooled. If you didn’t realize that your air quality is a big part of your comfort, then it is a great thing that you are reading this blog.

Air quality, good or bad, can seriously impact the ability of your air conditioning in Mount Pleasant, SC to do its job. When you want to keep your home cool and keep yourself comfortable, investing in a system to improve your indoor air quality can go a long well to help.

Your Air Quality, Your AC, and You

How Bad Air Quality Hinders Comfort?

It often comes as a surprise to some people that poor air quality can impact their comfort and not just agitate their allergies. Poor air quality can make your air conditioner’s job a lot harder. This is because air that is packed with dust and debris can cause problems for your system’s cooling process. This is because too much dust can collect on your filter and can start to collect on your evaporator coil too.

Overly humid air can cause problems too. If the air in your home has too much moisture in it, this can also make things hard on your AC unit. Addressing issues like these can help to improve your indoor air quality and will improve your comfort. The question you likely have is, “How?”

How You Can Help Your Air Quality?

There isn’t much that you can do to boost the air quality in your home. It isn’t like you can dust the air floating around you. However, there are some tasks you can take on to improve your IAQ:

  • Dust around your home: Regular dusting and vacuuming can remove a large amount of airborne debris that might mess with your comfort otherwise.
  • Keep the windows and doors closed: We know that fresh air can be nice every now and then. However, there are plenty of particles that outdoor air tends to carry into your home. If you’ve been having trouble with your IAQ, it may be a good idea to keep your doors and windows shut for a while.
  • Change your AC filter: Your AC filter is meant to help capture dust and debris to keep it out of your system. If your filter is overly clogged, however, it won’t be of much help. Make sure to switch out your filter every few months to keep the air going into your system clean and clear.

Systems and Services To Help

Along with the tips listed above, there are systems and services that we can provide to you to boost your IAQ. Here is what we can offer:

  • The installation of systems such as air filters and purifiers to capture dirt and debris.
  • The installation of dehumidifiers to address excess moisture in the home.
  • Duct cleaning services to clear out any excess dusty build-up from your ducts.
  • Repairs and other services to keep your IAQ systems in peak condition.

We provide solutions for every season. Contact Holy City Heating and Air, LLC to find an IAQ solution for your home today.

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