Drain And Sewer Services In Charleston, SC

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Drain And Sewer Services in
Charleston, SC

You are in the middle of doing dishes and suddenly your kitchen sink decides that it wants to imitate a bucket rather than a sink. Or maybe you come home to find more than one sink in your house is backed up. These are the kinds of issues that you run into when you are having problems with your drain or even your sewer line. Thankfully they are issues that we can help with.

Whether you have a drain that is clogged and refusing to allow wastewater to go into the sewer or you have a drain somewhere in your house that is leaking we have a solution for you. Holy City Heating and Air, LLC is known for providing reliable, high-quality craftsmanship throughout Charleston, SC.

We provide solutions for every season. Schedule your drain services or sewer services with us.
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Drain Services

You need the drains in your home to be able to do their job. And of course, their job is siphoning the wastewater that you create when going about your daily tasks into the sewer system. A problem with any drain in the house can throw off your day or even your week. From a leaky kitchen sink drain to a major toilet clog, issues with the drains around your home shouldn’t be something you try to figure out alone.

Instead of trying to fix the issue with elbow grease and a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner, you can come to us for professional services that will ensure your drains work correctly. We provide drain installation, drain maintenance, drain repair, and even drain replacement to homes throughout Charleston, SC.

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Sewer Services

All the water that goes down your drains in your home will eventually end up in your sewer line. This includes everything from the bathtub water to your storm drainage. As you can imagine, issues with your sewer line can be even worse than one or two backed-up drains in the house. You can rely on Holy City Heating and Air, LLC for the sewer services you need including sewer installation, sewer maintenance, sewer repair, and even sewer replacement if your sewer line is beyond help.

Service all units!

Drain And Sewer Line Repair

Sometimes the drains in your home will clog but clearing that clog is only part of the solution. There are cases in which your drains or even your sewer lines are going to need some extra help. This is when you need to reach out for drain and sewer line repair. Our team provides this service when you need it. We take a comprehensive approach to repairing drains and sewers in this area because we believe in long-term solutions and we know that every home has its own unique needs. Our repairs include systems and services such as:

Not every contractor can offer what we do. With a great approach, top-of-the-line technology, and dedication to our customers, you can rest easy knowing we will get your drains and sewer line back in working order again without a hassle.