North Charleston Air Conditioning, Heating, And Home Performance Services

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North Charleston Air Conditioning,
Heating, And Home Performance Services

What’s more important than your HVAC services in a place like North Charleston? We go through a lot here to get comfortable. We deal with chilly winters, scorching, swampy summers, and virtually everything in between. If you’d like to get the best HVAC services possible then you need to schedule an appointment with the Holy City Heating and Air, LLC professionals. Although we officially established our company in 2015, we’ve got over 20 years of experience between our technicians. You can come to our professionals and know that the work you’re having done is by a qualified professional. Call today to learn more.

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Air Conditioning

The height of a North Charleston summer is enough to make you feel like you’re going to melt right into the pavement. Your home should be the one place you can count on to keep you cool, right? If you’re looking for the right air conditioning services, make sure that you come to our Holy City Heating and Air, LLC AC techs. We specialize in air conditioning installation, AC repair, air conditioning replacement, and air conditioning maintenance work.

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Your heating services matter too! It doesn’t matter if our neighbors up north scoff at the thought of a South Carolina winter—it still gets cold here to us! We understand your needs because we’re locals too. That’s why we offer a variety of heating services. You can come to us for your heating repair, heating installation, furnace services, and even your heating maintenance services. We’re going to perfect your heating services. We won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Indoor Air Quality and
Home Performance Services

Are you trying to improve your home? Your indoor air quality services and your home performance services are the route that you want to go. When it comes to indoor air quality work, you want to start with air filters, air purifiers, HRV systems, ERV systems, and dehumidification services. We can help you with your home performance services as well. We can help you with your energy audits and even your insulation services too.

Water Heaters

Are you looking for the right water heater service? We can assist you in every possible way. We can help you with your classic water heater, tankless water heater, and even a heat pump water heater. If you need a great team to install, maintain, replace, or repair your water heater, then we’re going to be the ones to do it for you. You use this one appliance daily and more often than any other appliance in your home. Invest in your home with the right care.

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Commercial HVAC Services

Are you looking for the right commercial HVAC services for your business? We specialize in commercial air conditioning, commercial heating, and even commercial indoor air quality. Your business is important, and your HVAC services are going to be the backbone of your HVAC system, so make sure that you’re investing in the right care for your commercial space. If you want all the best work, then get in touch with our team. Schedule an appointment with us.