3 Heater Repairs You May Need

3 Heater Repairs You May Need

When cold weather hits our area, it is good to be prepared. In an effort to help protect our pets, the Charleston Animal Society provided a helpful article on preparing animals for cold weather. This is a great place to start when prepping for low temps but don’t stop there! Make sure that your home’s heater is ready to keep you and your fur babies comfy this season.

If there is an issue with your home’s heat pump, you don’t want to ignore it. All too often we discover a heat pump repair in Charleston, SC that was brushed off as no big deal and evolved into a serious issue leaving residents cold and uncomfortable. Use this quick list of warning signs to determine if you need to schedule repairs before your heat pump leaves everyone in the house chilly.
3 Heater Repairs You May Need

3 Possible Repairs Your Heat Pump May Need

If your heat pump mini split needs to be repaired, the sooner you get this done the better. There may be a temptation to try to rid out the winter without it but chances are whatever is hindering the system now will be just as much of a problem come summer. Here are some potential repairs your heat pump may need that our team is happy to help with:

  • A Stuck Reversing Valve: Have your heat pump set to heating mode but getting cold air instead? That isn’t right! Chances are the reversing valve, responsible for reversing the flow of refrigerant in your system, is stuck in cooling mode. One of our technicians can replace the valve and get your system working right again.
  • A Broken Blower Fan: Your heat pump is meant to blow warm air into the home during the colder months of the year. If you are barely getting any airflow from the system though it may be due to a problem with the blower fan. Maybe a part of the fan’s motor needs repair or a fan blade is missing. Whatever the cause, we can get the fix taken care of.
  • A Dirty Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil cycles the refrigerant that your heat pump uses to transfer heat. If the coil is covered in a layer of dust and dirt though it is going to hinder the heat transfer which will leave your home cold without doing anything to lower your energy bills. One of our pros can clean your coil properly so you can get the functionality you love back.

Strange noises, odd smells, high energy bills, and poor home comfort are all indicators that your heat pump is struggling to do its job. The best choice you can make is to reach out to a trusted team of experts to get the issue identified and resolved in a timely manner.

When you need a pro to call for heat pump repairs, make sure you turn to Holy City Heating and Air, LLC. We offer same-day service and a lifetime warranty on repairs.

We provide solutions for every season. Schedule an appointment with Holy City Heating and Air, LLC today.

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