5 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Help

5 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Help

You rely on your furnace to do its job and keep your home warm. That’s why, when this system fails, it makes it that much more of a betrayal. You trusted that furnace! But don’t feel too sad because every heating system will run into trouble now and again. That’s why we provide furnace repair in Folly Beach, SC.

Even with regular maintenance (which we always encourage) and best practices for use (another thing we encourage) furnaces are going to encounter trouble. The key here is that, when those repair needs pop up, you want to get these issues taken care of quickly. Our professional team members can offer you the repairs and other services you need.

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5 Signs You Need To Schedule Repairs For Your Furnace

How do you know your furnace needs repairs? You hopefully will get some kind of warning before it completely breaks down right? The answer is yes! Be on the alert for these indicators that your furnace needs a helping hand before you have no heat to speak of:

  • Your furnace has started to make some odd noises: There are certain sounds that you might hear from your furnace, like the whoosh of air or the expansion of your ducts, that are normal. Any new sounds though, especially ones that sound concerning, should prompt a call to an expert. Reach out if you start to hear hissing, screeching, rattling, or even clicking.
  • Airflow from one or more vents is weak: Let’s say you can hear your heater running but there are parts of the home that are still cold. Known as cold spots, these are often indicators of an airflow issue. Check your vents to see if one or more have a weaker flow of air coming from them. If you find poor airflow, you need to reach out for repairs.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise: Yes, your bills will fluctuate a bit based on your use of your heater. However, if you have big spikes in your energy use that don’t match with your furnace use, it isn’t something to ignore. Your furnace may be struggling to do its job.
  • It takes longer to heat the house up: Usually, your furnace should provide warmth throughout the house pretty quickly. But if your system is taking longer and longer to heat things up, it may mean something is wrong with its heating elements. Schedule an appointment with a technician to get this checked out.
  • Something smells off: Your sniffer can warn you about a lot of problems in your home. This is another situation where it can help. Smell something burning? Smell some acrid? Or maybe you are worried because you’ve started to smell gas. If you are smelling something in your home that doesn’t sit right with you, it is a good idea to turn your furnace off and get a technician to check it out.

Need help with a faulty furnace? That’s what we are here for.

Schedule your furnace repairs with the pros at Holy City Heating and Air, LLC. We provide solutions for every season.

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