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Serving Charleston, SC

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You Don’t Want To Hear This From Your Heating System


You’ve settled in to finally binge watch that TV show that everyone is talking about. The heater is on and you have your coziest blanket wrapped around you to make sure you are optimally comfy. But just as you are getting into that key episode you notice that you are actually pretty cold. This is a bummer, especially since you’ve been trying to ignore the noise that your heater is making.

That combination of noise and poor heating is a big warning sign that you need to schedule heater repair in Charleston, SC. A noisy heater is more than just an annoyance, it is an indicator that something is wrong with your heating system. We can help you figure out what is causing that noise and get it repaired ASAP.

“Why Is My Heater Making That Noise?”

Modern heaters are made to run quietly. This doesn’t mean they should be silent when in operation (that’s a problem too actually) and they certainly shouldn’t be loud enough to make you want earplugs. Be sure to reach out to us if you notice any of these noises coming from your heater so we can fix your system before the house ends up icy cold.

  • Screeching: A high-pitch wail coming from your heater is never good news. Running this system shouldn’t hurt your ears so if you notice screeching or screaming from your heater, don’t ignore it. This sound is usually created by loose fan blades scraping the metal sides of their house.
  • Rattling: This is a noise that has an unsurprising cause. Rattling is usually created when your heater has loose parts that are shaking around in their housing. The sooner you address this sound the better because it can escalate into…
  • Clanging: That’s right! Rattling can become clanging when those loose parts break free and start to bounce around inside your heater. As you can imagine, this can easily create plenty of trouble. Get clanging fixed fast or your repair bill may end up higher than you expect!
  • Booming: Booming is a problematic noise specifically in regards to furnaces. If there is debris in your furnace burners, it can delay ignition which allows gas to build up until BOOM, it ignites. This is bad for your heater and your energy efficiency.
  • Nothing: Remember how we said silence isn’t good either? That is because a heater that doesn’t make any sound at all is one that isn’t running! If you turn on your heater and get no response, schedule your repairs before you need a replacement.

Whether your heating system is making a ruckus or it has gone eerily silent, your response should be the same: contact us! Our team members are going to arrive ready to determine what noise your system is making, what the root cause is, and provide effective repairs to get it fixed.

When you need help keeping warm, contact Holy City Heating & Air for your heating system repairs. We provide solutions for every season.

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