Have a Booming Furnace? It’s Time to Call Us

Have a Booming Furnace? It’s Time to Call Us

There is a vast difference between having a furnace that makes noise and having a noisy furnace. The first is normal–in fact, having a silent furnace would mean it wasn’t operating at all! But having a noisy furnace isn’t good. A noisy furnace that has the ability to catch your attention with the sounds that it makes is one that is likely to need furnace repair in Charleston, SC.

Why a Professional Should Install Your Furnace?

We’d like to give you an example of the kinds of sounds we are talking about. Let’s focus on the sound of booming. When your furnace starts to create a booming noise while in operation, it is worthwhile to get the system checked out. Here’s why.

What Creates the Booming Sound?

If you have a natural gas furnace, it may mean that you’ll encounter a booming sound at some point during the lifespan of your system. This can indicate a problem in the system that requires professional repairs.

The booming is going to be created by a delay in the ignition of your system. In those few seconds, gas is able to build up inside your system without being ignited. This is probably due to dirt build-up in the burners that are impeding the ignition. At some point, the gas will ignite. Because there is extra gas built up in the system, when it ignites it will create that distinct and attention-grabbing booming noise.

The Impact Of This Problem

When you start to hear a booming noise from your furnace then it means that you should get the system repaired as soon as possible. Leaving the issue to continue is going to have a negative impact on the furnace which can lead to additional problems like:

  • Reduced comfort
  • Increased energy usage
  • Increased frequency of repairs
  • Increased chances of heat exchanger cracks
  • Reduced lifespan of the furnace

Other Sounds You Shouldn’t Hear

As you can see, a booming noise is best addressed by a trained technician as soon as possible. However, this isn’t the only problematic noise that a furnace might make. Other sounds that warrant a visit from a technician include:

  • Rattling: Possible loose parts or a loose blower door.
  • Screeching: A dry blower motor belt or a loose fan blade.
  • Hissing: Leaking ductwork or a leak in the heat exchanger.
  • Buzzing: Loose wires or other electrical problems.

When something sounds wrong with your heater, it is best to ger professional repairs promptly. Only a trained professional can get things back in order again the right way. Professionals can assess whatever the core of the problem is, diagnose it, and get it fixed to stop the noise and get the system working correctly again.

Keep your ears peeled for odd noises from your furnace or any other warning signs of trouble from your system. Keeping tabs on your system allows you to get these issues knocked out ahead of time, before they cost you more money than they’re worth!

Contact Holy City Heating and Air, LLC to schedule your repairs today. We provide solutions for every season.

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