How Dry Air Can Mess With Your Home’s Heating?

How Dry Air Can Mess With Your Home’s Heating?

It is crucial to have a functional heating system, especially when a dry winter season is around the corner. You don’t want dry air in your home as it not only causes health issues, but it also messes your home’s heating.

Home heating is facilitated through furnaces, heat pumps, or ductless systems. While these systems provide you with the necessary heating effectively, they require regular maintenance or eventual replacement. One reason why homeowners aim for maintenance or replacement is because of dry air.

How Dry Air Can Mess with Your Home’s Heating?

Dry air is natural in winter. However, if it makes its way into your home, you may be tempted to prolong the running time of your heating system. Rather than eliminating it from your home, doing so may aggravate the dryness.

So, what are some ways you can detect the air inside your home is getting too dry?

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How to Detect Dry Air?

Apart from feeling the cold, dry air against your skin, here are some ways you can detect dry air:

  • Breathing Issues: Your nose or throat may become dry and prickly if there is too much dry air entering your home. This may cause breathing issues in the long run.
  • Static: Over-dryness may cause static electricity. This happens when you comb your hair, and it becomes static, or you get zapped when you brush past someone.
  • Chipped Paint And Wood: Over time, dryness in the home can lead to the deterioration of home furniture and home paint. You may begin to notice wooden floors breaking or peeling away. Or your wall paint may be showing signs of cracking.

What Causes Dry Air?

  • Leakage of Air Ducts: If you have faulty air ducts with holes and leaks, then cold and dry air from the outside may enter through them, disrupting the heating inside your home.
  • Over Ventilation: If your house is completely ventilated and sealed, then this may lead to overventilation. As a result, outdoor air may be circulated back into your home, letting dry and cold air enter inside it.
  • Home Construction: If your home’s construction is in a manner where it has big windows, attics, or a basement, then chances are dry air from the outside finds its way into your home through them.

All of these issues could lead to problems with your home’s heating. Your furnace may be taking longer to heat a room, or it not be giving off the correct temperature of warm air. Moreover, heating pumps may malfunction due to overuse during extremely dry and chilly seasons.

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