The Steps Involved In A Professional Heater Installation

The Steps Involved In A Professional Heater Installation

Whether you have been trying to get by with a space heater or your long-lasting heater has finally given up the ghost, you are facing a very chilling situation: you don’t have reliable heat! Thankfully, you have a team to turn to for your heating system services to help with the situation. You don’t have to be without reliable warmth this winter, all you have to do is schedule a professional heater installation in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Have You Gotten Your AC Maintenance Done Yet?

But wait, is this a job you can do yourself or maybe one you can have done on the cheap by an amateur? The short answer is no. Having anyone other than a professional try to perform a heating system installation is not only unsafe, but in some cases it may be illegal.

What a Professional Can Do?

When it comes to installing a heating system in your home, whether it is a heat pump or a furnace, you want a professional technician to be the one accomplishing the job. Why? Because they are going to be able to do the job right the first time and ensure your system starts out on the right foot. An amateur can’t promise this.

With that said, you can see the difference that a professional technician can make in the steps they take to ensure the installation is done right.


Our professional team members are going to help you select the bests system for your home’s heating needs. This means we will talk with you to discuss what you are looking for in a heater, what fuel options you have, and other factors that will play a role in choosing the best possible heating unit.

Installation and Connection

The main event of the installation is, well, the installation! This is when we bring your heating system to your home to get it set-up, connected, and ready to do its job. We are licensed to connect gas lines to a gas-burning furnace too, meaning that we can get the job done properly, safely, and legally. We know how to work with a multitude of systems so you won’t need to worry about anyone doing a last-minute Google search to figure out how to get your system set up.


Sizing is an important part of installing any HVAC system–and it involves some math. By taking into account the size of your home and certain details about your heater, we will properly size your new unit so that it operates effectively and efficiently. Oversizing or undersizing will only lead to extra stress on your system and poor home comfort so it is important that the person performing the job knows how to run the numbers.


A professional’s job isn’t done unless they make sure that the new system is operating correctly. They are likely to do a test run of the new heater to ensure there are no problems. If one is discovered, they will make sure to address it. An amateur is more likely to finish up an installation and walk away with no guarantee that things work correctly or that issues will be fixed.

Need a reliable pro to perform your heating system installation? We are here for you. Contact Holy City Heating and Air, LLC today. We provide solutions for every season

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