Why You’ll Love Maintenance For Your Heater

Why You’ll Love Maintenance For Your Heater

Have you heard about what heating maintenance in Mount Pleasant, SC can do for your heating system? If you haven’t then you are probably going to love what we have to say! Think of it as a little HVAC-themed Valentine from us to you!

Maintenance is a service that can work wonders for your system’s longevity, efficacy, and efficiency. And, even better, it doesn’t cost you a large chunk of cash!

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So, have you booked a tune-up for your heater already this season? If not, let us explain more about why this service is worth your while, even if it is late in the season.

We know you don’t want to let your money go to waste. That’s why we want to make sure you know that getting maintenance for your system is the opposite of a waste! Here are 5 reasons that you’ll love this service.

Prevents A Drop In System Efficiency

Over time your heater can develop small problems that lead to a drop in its efficiency. But maintenance addresses those issues and counteracts them. This helps to prevent a loss of 5% of your system efficiency each year.

Improves Your System Operation

Maintenance is also going to help your system do its job more effectively. By removing dirt build-up, tightening loose parts, lubricating dry belts, and more, this service helps ensure your heater is in peak condition to get its job done and keep you comfortable.

Reduces The Risk Of Repair Needs

Those small issues that collect in your system over time don’t just mess with its efficiency level. They can also escalate into repair needs. For example, a loose bolt that needs to be tightened can break free and bounce around in your system and break other components, which means you will need repairs. Avoid the issue entirely by scheduling maintenance. Regular tune-ups can prevent up to 85% of repair needs over the course of your heater’s lifespan.

Maximizes Your System Lifespan

Removing a majority of the issues that could cause additional strain on your system will also help to ensure it lasts longer too. Getting maintenance each year can help your heater breeze past 10-years of age and make it to the 15-year mark before needing replacement.

Gives You Great Peace Of Mind

If you reach out to a professional to get your tune-up taken care of each year, it is going to help take a lot of worry off your plate. There is less chance of a breakdown and less chance of higher energy bills when you get this task knocked out. The incredible peace of mind that comes from yearly maintenance is worth every penny!

Haven’t gotten a tune-up for your system yet? It isn’t too late! Reach out to an expert on the team at Holy City Heating and Air, LLC to get started or even to sign up for our maintenance plan and enjoy more benefits than you might imagine!

We provide solutions for every season. Schedule an appointment with Holy City Heating and Air, LLC today.

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