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Serving Charleston, SC

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What a Hissing AC Means

As summer wraps up, it is important to make sure that you don’t ignore your air conditioner. Even if you are using it less and less and getting ready to switch over to your heater it is important we gave your system you attention it needs. This is especially true because towards the end of the cooling season is when your system is likely to develop repair needs.

Trust us when we say that you don’t want to leave an AC repair in Charleston, SC unaddressed until next season. That is a great way to end up without a working cooler. Instead, you should look and, more specifically, listen for any signs of trouble with your AC unit that need expert service. Let’s talk about one of the sounds you definitely don’t want to leave unchecked: hissing.

Hissing Isn’t Normal

Occasionally people will mistake the sound of hissing for the regular sound of air passing through their air conditioner. We want to make it abundantly clear that these are not the same noises. The whoosh of air is what you want to hear; a slight hissing noise or persistent hissing noise from your air conditioner is not.

Hissing noises in your air conditioner can mean a couple of things all of which indicate that the system needs professional care as soon as possible

The Key Causes of This Noise

So what causes a sound of hissing within your air conditioner? Here are the key culprits:

  • A clogged air filter: This is the least severe cause of this noise. Sometimes an air filter becomes overly clogged with dirt and debris it makes it harder for air to get into your system and create this hissing noise. Resolve this by changing out your filter on a regular basis.
  • A refrigerant leak: This is one of the most sinister causes of a hissing noise. Hearing hissing when your air conditioner is in use may indicate that you have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant can be considered the lifeblood of your air conditioner so it is no surprise that a leak in this part of your system is not good news. if you think you have a refrigerant leak make sure to schedule professional repairs as soon as you can get them.
  • Leaky ductwork: Hissing may also be created by air escaping from leaks in your ductwork. this can impact your comfort and put added strain on your air conditioner is not addressed promptly.

Other Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make

Hissing is of course just one of the many noises that your air conditioner might make over the course of its lifespan. There are other sounds that you should be on the alert for just in case. These include:

  •  Screeching
  •  Buzzing
  •  Rattling
  •  Bubbling
  •  Humming
  •  Clanging
  •  Silence

If you’ve begun to notice that something sounds wrong with your air conditioner we strongly advise scheduling Professional Service before you shut it off for the season. Unaddressed repairs aren’t going to resolve themselves–but they are likely to cause early breakdowns.

Contact Holy City Heating & Air for your next AC repair. We provide solutions for every season.

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