How Much Is Too Much For Repairs?

How Much Is Too Much For Repairs?

Over the course of your heating system’s lifespan, it will need repairs every now and then. Needing a heating repair in Mount Pleasant, SC is normal. However, needing a heating repair that completely throws off your budget for the year isn’t.

There is such a thing as having to pay too much for a heating repair. We aren’t talking about high bills that are the result of less-than-legitimate amateurs who jack up prices and provide poor service–although we’d say avoid that situation as best you can. What we are talking about are repair bills that are too high because they are an indicator that your heater doesn’t need repairs, it needs replacement.
How Much Is Too Much For Repairs?

How Repair Bill Totals Change Over Time?

Initially, repairs should be pretty low cost, if you need to pay for them at all. That’s the beauty of using expert service that honors your current warranty. As time progresses and your system ages though, that warranty may end and you will end up needing to pay for repairs in somewhat increasing amounts. This may start out small, maybe around $100 or so, but will continue to increase. Eventually, those repair costs will get far too high to really justify paying for!

So at what point do you say, “Enough is enough” and use your funds to get a new system in place? There are two “rules” that you can remember to help you determine when a replacement is a better option than a repair.

The Rule of 5000

One qualifier that you can use to figure out when a bill is too much is the rule of 5000. This rule stipulates that if you multiply the cost of your repair by the age of your heater (let’s say $400 x 12) and the sum is over 5000, then you are better off scheduling a system replacement rather than getting it repaired.

It Could Be a Down Payment

Another way to figure out if a bill is too high is to compare it to the cost of a new system. If the total of your repair bill could equal half the cost or more of a ew system, what you have on your hands is a down payment for a new heater. It is better to invest your cash in an upgrade in this case!

We Help Guarantee Your Comfort

If you are still debating whether you need a repair for your heating system or if you should replace it, you can always talk to one of our expert team members. We can help you assess which option is the best one for your comfort needs and your budget.

On top of providing expert services, we also offer financing options through GreenSky, Mosaic, Enerbank, and Microftoo. This way, if you do need a replacement, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get the comfort you need.

If you are having heating trouble, contact the team at Holy City Heating and Air, LLC. We provide solutions for every season.

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